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"The contingent marketplace has been dominated by the traditional MSP model where the large staffing firms provide a Managed Service offering in addition to their core business of recruiting. This model simply adds services and costs on top of existing staffing contracts arrangements and often fails to deliver the promised benefits and best practices to clients.

The next generation of Contingent RPO models developed by Contingent Outcomes delivers on the promised benefits whilst improving contractor retention and service quality. Many industry experts call the Contingent RPO the MSP killer. In fact, we know that some of the large global staffing firms are trying to reinvent their MSP businesses to compete." APAC CEO, VMS Software Co.

Contingent Outcomes has played a leading role in the conceptualisation and development of a new Contingent RPO model that allows any staffing company to deploy a 'plug and play' RPO solution that works 'out of the box'. Our solution has no upfront investment or development costs and can deliver immediate and substantial revenue gains within a new solution category to many staffing companies.

Our solution also provides a reduction in spend for your clients, whilst also delivering a Contractor Engagement experience that provides significant benefits, both financial and value added to the individual workers.

If you already deploy Permanent RPO programs to your clients, or have identified a need to deliver a Contingent RPO program then we recommend that you contact us to find out more about this innovative new model.